The Weekly Thread: researchers mind blowing photographs of super energy particles, carry heavy things for longevity, and keep causing a ruckus out there

A recent article I came across titled, Quantum ‘yin-yang’ shows two photons being entangled in real-time, blew my mind. 

The research itself was in all honesty, a bit above my head; rather, it was the accompanying photos associated with the research that blew my mind. Especially when you peel back a layer or two on them. 

What you are looking at are two entangled photons in real time, and the shape they take when entangled is unmissable. 

In general, this is pretty cool, but let’s unpack this a bit more, as I think it gets even more awe inspiring and thought provoking as some layers are peeled back. 

What is a Photon?

A photon is a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. It carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.

The key part here is that a photon carries “energy”. 

As we’ve discussed often here in various ways, “energy” in nature is an electrical energy.

In fact, I just recently wrote about human biophotons produced by our cells that when connected to natural light wave photons appear to have a literal charging effect for our cells, and appears to be one of many scientifically backed reasons that natural light exposure is so beneficial, and also why the sun shining in general makes us happier than when it’s cloudy out. 

Now, let’s unpack the history of ‘yin-yang’ as this is where things get pretty wild when you understand what a photon is, and how crazy it truly is that two photons, aka “energy carrying particles”, make up a perfect ‘yin-yang’ when entangled with one another. 

The Definition and History of ‘yin-yang’

Brittanica defines ‘yin-yang’ as the following:

“Yin-yang describes the two complementary forces—yin and yang—that make up all aspects and phenomena of life. It encompasses the actual process of the universe and all that is in it.”


Furthermore, the history of the ‘yin-yang’ as we currently know it, dates back to over 3,000 years ago, and the reality is, there’s a highly plausible chance it goes back even farther in time, and we just haven’t found any actual artifacts depicting the symbol that are older than 3,300 years old. 

Tying it All Together

Again, as I dove deeper into the underlying research, it was a bit over my head, as quantum physics is about as high level as it gets, however, the seemingly resulting sentiment from this research was that this discovery, quantum entangled photons could be the key to unlocking quantum conductivity. 

Without going too deep into it, quantum conductivity means fast, like 1000x magnitude higher conductivity that we currently have. 

And of course, the goal of the human body is to make it as highly conductive as possible, or in other words, a (bio)electricity producing machine, as electrical energy is the true energy of nature. 

So, if the ancient ‘yin-yang’ symbolizes the complementary forces (energy) that make up all aspects of life, and encompasses all the actual processes in the universe, and we now know that two entangled photons (electromagnetic energy carrying particles) undeniably make up a perfect ‘yin-yang’ symbol, and appear to be the key to quantum level conductivity, it definitely begs the question as to whether our ancestors understood the forces of nature and creation at a level we are only beginning to once again comprehend. 

To pull an excerpt from my opening intro every week, “…this weekly dose of ancestral wisdom, combined with modern science…”

To me, these photos and what they represent are the epitome of ancestral wisdom teaming up with modern science to provide us a deeper understanding of how truly magical life is. 

This could be where science provides an understanding and makes a measurable connection to the deeper, more supernatural aspects of life, of being human, and of the soul, to this unseen, seemingly immeasurable thing we know as “energy”. 

The “Carry”

Our final functional movement to build strength for life is a “carry". 

These movements are ideal for kids and young teens to work on specific mobility and reduce risk of injury in sports, all the way up to the eldest of adults, and everyone in between.

If not part of an exercise regimen, just work these movements into your life and day throughout the week, as when put together over time, they will build functional strength, increase mobility, and boost your metabolism. All things that will benefit you tremendously as you age. 

Everything I outline in this segment (with video tutorial links) are movements that require no more than a single kettlebell, and can be done anywhere, and don’t need to be part of an actual exercise regimen. 

A Quick Primer on the “Carry”

“Carrying” movements with a kettlebell refer to exercises that involve holding and walking or moving with the kettlebell. These movements focus on building core stability, grip strength, and overall body strength. 

The reason a “carry” is so beneficial, is that it tests your upper limits of strength, as it’s a very basic movement that allows you to use a very heavy weight, and when done with a single kettlebell, throws your balance off, which in turn, engages your entire body’s core and stabilizing muscles to execute properly and effectively. 

Here are a couple examples of carrying movements you can do with a single kettlebell:

1. Suitcase Carry. Hold a kettlebell in one hand, allowing it to hang by your side, and walk while keeping an upright posture. This exercise challenges your core and lateral stability, as you need to counterbalance the weight on one side. CLICK HERE to watch a quick tutorial. 

2. Overhead Carry. Press a kettlebell overhead and stabilize it while walking. This exercise strengthens your shoulder stability, core muscles, and upper body.
CLICK HERE to watch a quick tutorial. 

With this being the final week outlining these movements, I will follow up with workouts utilizing these movements to better help you get more “strong & bendy” at home and outside, especially when we can take advantage of all this warm, energizing sunshine this time of year. 

Hey you, keep causing a ruckus out there.

To cause a “ruckus” would be to cause a disturbance or commotion. 

Oftentimes this is viewed as bad or negative. 

For example, a parent could receive a call from their child’s school informing them that their child is causing a ruckus in class.

But I say, we need more of this in the world. 

The world can always use a bit more commotion, it’s just a matter of the energy (back to the supernatural concept of “energy”), behind it. 

A commotion shakes things up. 

It wakes people up. 

It can inspire and motivate others. 

Steve Jobs caused a ruckus with his inventions at Apple. 

Elon Musk is doing the same with his companies. 

Jesus Christ most assuredly caused a ruckus a little over 2,000 years ago. 

But you don’t have to invent the iPhone, or build a private rocket company to cause a ruckus. 

There are numerous ways you can cause a ruckus (for good) in your world and everyday life. 

How can you shake things up, cause a bit of a commotion, and therefore, spread some good energy, and maybe even inspire and motivate those around you as a result?

I know you have it in you.

So hey you! Keep causing a ruckus out there.