We created, and founded NONA, as a byproduct of “scratching our own itch”.

It began by adhering to our core principle that “Ingredients Matter”.

We saw far too many foods being marketed as “healthy”, yet were filled with hidden sugars and processed or refined ingredients.

From the supplements we carry, to the superfoods we sell, to the ingredients we select for our menu items, we take great care and concern in selecting the highest quality whole and superfood ingredients and supplements possible.

And we wanted to deliver this to you, in a warm, welcoming, and high energy environment.

We also firmly believe that you should choose what is healthy for you, your tastes, and lifestyle; and we are simply here to offer a diverse array of menu items, select the highest quality ingredients for said menu items, and answer any questions you may have, so that we may best serve and fulfill your needs.

It is our hope, and personal mission, to do all we can, to help you live a happier, healthier life; filled with more joy and adventure.