our story


In Roman mythology, Nona was a Goddess who personified destiny, and controlled “The Thread of Life”. It was believed that when it came time for a Mother to give birth, it was Nona, pulling the proverbial “thread” that gave “life”.

In a more modern sense, we firmly believe that the “Thread of Life” is a truly holistic approach to health & wellness.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Getting ample amounts of natural sunlight, your bare feet in the grass, movement, nutritious food, and quality supplements; along with lots and lots of community, family, and friends, are all part of what we refer to as “The Thread of Life”.

It is our mission to help spread and promote “The Thread of Life” every way we can, from the content we create, to the products we sell, food we serve, community events we host, and the clothing we design, spreading all those good vibes.