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Dr. Mercola H2 Molecular Hydrogen


Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, allowing it to easily penetrate every tissue in your body, including your brain and cellular parts like your mitochondria and nucleus.

The two important functions of molecular hydrogen, or H2 gas – bioavailability and small particle size – help to powerfully limit the oxidative damage that can lead to accelerated cellular aging and changes in your cells and organs.

While there are different ways to get hydrogen gas into your body, drinking molecular hydrogen-rich water is very effective and the easiest, most convenient approach. Unfortunately, most hydrogen tablets and devices create low concentrations of H2 with only 1-2 ppm, and the tablets must be used in a closed container to work properly.

Using a specialized, validated process, these H2 Molecular Hydrogen tablets create far higher concentrations of up to 8 ppm in 480 mL of water. And it achieves this in an open container without the need for a cap or lid.

Simply drop one of our H2 Molecular Hydrogen tablets into a 16 oz. glass of room-temperature, filtered water. Within 90 seconds, molecular hydrogen water is created at a truly biologically meaningful concentration. We recommend drinking the entire glass of water within one minute.

And in less than three minutes, you’ve “pulsed” your body with a substantial dose of molecular hydrogen gas, and for the next day or even week, you get to enjoy its many benefits.

H2 Molecular Hydrogen uses a special grade of pure elemental magnesium as its carrier and provides you with approximately 80 mg of magnesium per tablet. So, you receive not only valuable H2 with our product but also highly bioavailable magnesium for a healthy brain, muscles, cells, kidneys and heart.

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