The human body is a battery: how the body uses water, light, and native EMFs to generate cellular energy

The more I learn about the wildly intelligent design of the human body, the more I am utterly blown away by the true power that is held within each and every one of us.

It is in our power to unlock this true potential, and it is only through a better understanding of the mechanisms at work that we can do so. 

As a result, I’ve made a commitment to up my game considerably when it comes to better understanding, then applying, and subsequently unlocking more of the incredible powers held within this body I’ve been so blessed with. 

A large part of this increased commitment and dedication focuses on all the amazing ways the human body can produce more cellular energy. 

It’s really at the core of everything we do, right?

The physical human body is essentially a big bag of water, bacteria, and cells. They estimate around 40 trillion cells in total.

Your muscles, blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, et cetera are all comprised of billions of cells, so I’m sure you can imagine, that if all 40 trillion of these cells were collectively producing more and more energy by the day, week, month, and year, the compounding effect that could have on your overall health. 

Less systemic inflammation, less risk of disease, improved detoxification, more resilience to stress, better sleep, and yes, more natural energy 

Quite literally, every process and pathway in your body would function more efficiently and more effectively. 

This week’s “Weekly Thread” is going to act as a front to back high level primer on how the body truly produces energy endogenously at the cellular level. 

Mind you, the calories we consume from food would be considered external, or exogenous energy sources. That’s not what I’m talking about here. 

I’m talking about developing a deeper understanding of how the body produces its own internal, or endogenous energy at the cellular level, and in doing so, you begin to understand how to unlock the true potential of your own physical body that you’ve been so blessed with. 

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing with you the new supplements I’m trying out, the gadgets I’ve invested in, and lifestyle habits I’m adopting to unlock more and more cellular energy. 

That said, the core of this thinking and application involves all free things:

  • Understanding the true role water plays in the body
  • How natural light exposure affects cellular energy production
  • How the native electromagnetic frequencies (native EMFs) of the Earth can further charge up your cellular energy. 

It is this understanding, understanding what’s freely available to us, that I will focus on this week. 

Let’s begin by understanding exactly what I mean when I refer to “energy” when discussing increasing your endogenous cellular energy. 

The energy that the human body runs on is electrical energy.

So how does this work?

Inside each and every cell in the human body, a process is taking place where water and trace minerals are being restructured into what is ideally, a highly conductive, gel-like substance (also now known as the 4th state of water).

This water doesn’t have an exact name, but some call it “structured water” or “living water”.

Think of probably the most hydrating plant, aloe. When you break an aloe leaf open, there is a thick, hydrating gel-like substance inside of it. 

This is the 4th state of water, and this gel water is actually what is inside our cells as well, and is the form of water that is at the core of truly hydrating us. 

Which means that the liquid water we drink, H20, is merely one of the conduits to helping your body create this gel water that is actually at the core of cellular hydration. 

The energy then, that our cells produce, is an electrical energy, that then fuels the entire central nervous system, which then makes the whole body function properly.

Yes, we literally run on electrical energy.

As with all things producing and subsequently running on electrical energy, the more conductive the object is, the more effectively it runs, which is why when a battery dies, so does the object it was placed in.

Therefore, for our cells to produce natural energy for the entire body as effectively as possible, they need to be highly conductive internally.

To accomplish this, we need to be providing our bodies with the right "materials", so that our cells are able to make more of this conductive gel water (the 4th state of water) inside our cells.

This is the actual role water plays in our body. We've known it to be absolutely critical for survival, but never really thought about, and therefore, never understood why.

We just knew we needed to drink water to stay alive. End of story.

Up until maybe a decade, or a decade and a half ago, 99%+ of scientists weren’t even attempting to understand the role water plays in the body, or what it is the second most critical molecule we consume for survival aside from oxygen. 

So why can we die so quickly from dehydration?

If all 40 trillion of our cells are critically lacking this conductive gel-water, they cannot conduct electricity (energy) to the central nervous system.

If then, say all your organs are not producing this bio-electricity, they then literally short circuit and stop functioning. This is how we die from dehydration. 

Think about what cramping is from muscular dehydration as a result of poor hydration, excessive heat, exercise, or a combo of all of the above?

Your muscles literally seize up on you. They stop functioning. 

This is why critical minerals that are highly conductive are known as electrolytes.

In future segments I will dive into different supplements I’m taking to help aid my body in creating more of this highly conductive gel, or living water. 

However, today I said I would discuss what’s freely available, and that is focusing on the actual liquid water you drink, which is a critical conduit to helping your body produce this conductive gel water. 

Unprocessed, right from the spring, or restructured. 

We know it's best to be consuming organic, whole, unprocessed foods, and we should have the same expectations of our water, or even higher expectations, as it's far more critical to survival and overall function.

If your body is able to do much more with some organic fruit and a grass-fed steak, versus say, a highly processed doughnut, the same goes for your water. 

If actual liquid water, H2O, is a mere conduit that gets restructured in the body into this gel (living) water, then the closer the water is to organic, unprocessed water, the more effectively and efficiently your body can then produce this gel water that is critical for true hydration, and thus, cellular energy production. 

And if you're drinking treated, processed, de-mineralized, basically "dead" water, you are not supplying your body with a high quality, useful version of the most important material it needs to restructure that liquid water into the highly conductive gel water inside our cells that literally gives us the energy to live.

They now estimate that more people are suffering from issues as a result of chronic, low level, systemic dehydration from drinking TOO MUCH processed, dead water, than they are from not drinking enough water.

The solution is to ideally drink water straight from the ground spring. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of bottled waters you can trust. 

Liquid Death mountain spring water is my canned water of choice. Perrier, Topo Chico, and San Pellegrino are also straight from the spring. San Pellegrino is my top choice for mineral water if possible, as it contains far more naturally occurring minerals (also critical for producing cellular energy) than any of the other mineral water brands. 

I go to a local spring called Parry Spring (you can enter it into Google or Apple Maps) where I hand collect my drinking water for home, and there’s also a website called Find a Spring that helps you find local springs all over the country. 

Now, natural spring water may not always be available, so the next best solution is to take any water you drink and restructure it. I use a water bottle called a Flaska that will take any processed water and restructure it back into its organic state in 5 minutes. For example, if I’m at the gym, and I forget to bring a glass jug of spring water from home, I’ll fill my Flaska with water from the water coolers they provide. If you’d like to read more on Flaska, CLICK HERE.

Let’s move on to natural light, and the role it plays in aiding in cellular energy production. 

Information transfer is a fundamental part of life. 

Growing research has shown our cells and DNA use biophotons to store and communicate information. It appears that biophotons are used by the cells of many living organisms to communicate, which facilitates energy/information transfer. 

What is a biophoton?

A biophoton refers to an extremely weak electromagnetic wave or particle of light emitted by living organisms, including plants, animals, and humans. The term “biophoton” is derived from the words “bio” (meaning life) and “photon” (a basic unit of light). Biophotons are believed to be emitted as a result of various biological processes occurring within cells and tissues.

We cannot see these biophotons with the naked eye, however, turn off the lights, and with the right camera, you can see, we all sparkle. 

Understanding more about the role of biophotons and why this is important to our health.

Sunlight contains a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, ultraviolet (UV) light, and infrared light. Some studies suggest that certain wavelengths of light, particularly in the visible and UV ranges, may have an influence on biophoton emissions and cellular processes. It is hypothesized that exposure to sunlight might affect the generation, propagation, or detection of biophotons in some way, potentially influencing cellular communication.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the early research in this area is telling us:

Researchers have conducted experiments that suggest biophotons are involved in intercellular communication. For instance, studies have observed the emission and transmission of biophotons between cells and tissues, indicating a potential means of cellular signaling.

Various studies have shown that different cells and tissues emit characteristic patterns of biophotons. These patterns can change under different physiological or pathological conditions, indicating a potential link between biophoton emissions and cellular processes.

Advanced techniques such as photon counting and imaging methods have allowed scientists to detect and measure biophotons emitted by living organisms. These observations provide empirical evidence for the existence of biophotons and their potential significance.

Light therapy and photobiomodulation, which involve exposing cells or tissues to specific wavelengths of light, have shown promising results in various areas of health and healing. While the mechanisms are not yet fully understood, some researchers speculate that the effects might be mediated, at least in part, through biophotonic interactions.

Finally, it is well accepted that at the core of the central nervous system (CNS) is bioelectricity (yes, we run on biologically produced electricity), which is responsible for many primary functions of the CNS. However, many of the higher functions and mental activities of the brain still cannot be explained such as perception, learning and memory, emotion, and consciousness.

Recently, both experimental evidence and theoretical speculation have suggested that biophotons may play a potential role in neural signal transmission and processing, contributing to the understanding of the high functions of nervous system.

This is why red light therapy is growing in popularity, and why it’s effective, however, the easiest hack here is to simply get your butt outside more, and get more skin exposed to the sun as possible over time. As it begins to warm, and the days get longer, go for more walks, and spend more time outside, you will feel the difference. 

Okay, let’s move on to the third, and final piece of the cellular energy puzzle, harnessing the power of native EMFs to further “charge up your cells”. 

Why ‘Grounding’ Works

The idea that getting your bare feet in the grass and connecting directly to the Earth’s energy can be good for you, heck, even help the body heal, and reduce inflammation, seems a little “woo woo” right?

However, this is the case, and there is actual published scientific research to back it up. 

To better understand why grounding works, I refer to the above discussion on what the actual energy is that the human body runs on, this endogenously produced “bio-electricity”. 

In the previous section I explained why human beings sparkle and can produce energy through biophotons in the skin when connected to natural light. 

This is one way to “charge” the human battery up, and a major reason why natural light exposure is so important to good health. 

Another way to “charge” your battery up is by grounding, or earthing, which is the simple act of connecting your bare skin to the natural ground of the Earth. (Getting your bare feet in the grass is by far the easiest way to accomplish this)

The Earth has what are known as “native electromagnetic frequencies” (native EMFs), the same EMFs the human body runs on, as it’s all bioelectricity essentially. 

When you connect your bare feet to the ground, and as a result, to these native EMFs that are flowing through the Earth everywhere, it’s quite literally like connecting a battery to a battery charger. 

Therefore, when “grounding”, what you are actually doing is charging up your human battery. 

Within the body are 1000s of endogenous processes that are always working to restore the body back to health. 

Which is great. 

Think about it, the goal of the human body is ALWAYS to return to health, or simply, homeostasis. 

When you get sick, the body heals itself. 

When you cut yourself, the body heals itself. 

Go to bed at night, the body restores itself. 

Your body is trying to work with you to always return to health. 

If you can help it out by drinking natural spring water or by restructuring your water, by charging it up through more natural light exposure and getting your bare feet in the grass, the more effectively all of these endogenous processes that are working to return you to health will work.

Your body has its own anti-inflammatory pathways. 

Charge your body up, and they will work more effectively. 

You have an immune system. 

Charge your body up daily and it will work more effectively. 

Want more energy?

Charge your body up. 

Control what you can control. 

This will not instantly fix everything that ails you overnight, but referring back to our definition of longevity, and the idea of chipping away over time with small acts, the higher the quality of water you drink, closest to its natural, organic state, the more you get natural light, the more you get your bare feet in the grass, yes, the more you will be helping the body to return to, or maintain health. 

And when the body is in homeostasis, there is no disease. 

When you understand the actual science of it, and more importantly, we more clearly define “natural energy” as bioelectricity, the seemingly “woo woo” becomes pretty hard science and understanding. 

And this has been documented in a clinical sense, if you’d like to read a paper titled: “The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases”

Use this primer as a general guidance for improving your overall lifestyle over time, and as a reference for future editions of “The Weekly Thread”, as I go into more depth on the actual supplements I’m using/experimenting with, gadgets I’ve invested in, and lifestyle hacks that I’m making a part of my everyday life to better harness and unlock the true power held within us.