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Flaska Restructuring Water Bottle

Flaska: Your Portable Water Spring

A Flaska is a reusable glass water bottle with TPS (technology of programmed silicon) built into it.

The technology imprinted into the glass of every Flaska causes a vibration in the water, that restructures the water, (including even the most processed, artificially softened, tap water), back into its natural state, the same as natural, untouched spring water.

Every drop of water consumed from a Flaska will hydrate your cells properly, and from deep within, just like pure, natural spring water.

Benefits of better, deeper, intracellular hydration can include everything from improved sleep, decreased stress, better immunity, more natural energy, less inflammation; and better metabolism.

Click Here for more info on Flaska and TPS Technology.
  • Made from programmed glass for structured water
  • 3mm neoprene protective sleeve protects Flaska from breaking and helps to keep water cool
  • .5l Capacity (17.6 ounces)
  • Made in Slovenia, EU 
  • Shown with and without protective sleeve for reference (item contains one bottle and one sleeve)

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