How to “biohack” your water to increase natural energy, reduce inflammation, and reduce your risk of disease.

A few weeks ago I dedicated an entire “Weekly Thread” to breaking down, and understanding more about the energy the human body truly runs on, and most importantly, how to unlock and harness the power held within each and every one of us to increase this natural energy production, which over time, can also help reduce risk of disease, reduce systemic inflammation, and rejuvenate our cells. 

This week, I’m going to share with you what I do to “biohack” my morning glass of water, so that it provides maximum hydration, and thus, aids tremendously in my body’s energy production for the day. 

But first, a very quick refresh on what I’m referring to when I say “energy”, taken from the aforementioned article from a few weeks ago, “The human body is a battery: how the body uses water, light, and native EMGs to generate cellular energy”.

The energy that the human body runs on is electrical energy.

So how does this work?

Inside each and every cell in the human body, a process is taking place where water and trace minerals are being restructured into what is ideally, a highly conductive, gel-like substance (also now known as the 4th state of water).

This water doesn’t have an exact name, but some call it “structured water” or “living water”.

Think of probably the most hydrating plant…I’d most likely say, aloe. When you break an aloe leaf open, there is a thick, hydrating gel like substance inside of it. 

This is the 4th state of water, and this gel water is actually what is inside our cells as well, and is the form of water that is at the core of truly hydrating us. 

It’s the state of water that much of the entire natural world runs on. 

Which means that the liquid water we drink, H20, is merely one of the conduits to helping your body create this gel water that is actually at the core of cellular hydration. 

The energy then, that our cells produce, is an electrical energy, that then fuels the entire central nervous system, which then makes the whole body function properly.

So to help the entire body run more effectively and efficiently, a major key is to produce this highly conductive gel inside our cells. 

The first thing you should do upon waking in the morning is drink a glass of water. 

I recommend doing this before you even get natural light exposure and bare feet in the grass. (This ideally comes immediately after the glass of water). 

Remember, it’s a combination of natural light exposure, water, and connection to native electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) of the Earth that all play a role in charging the body up, and aiding in production of this bio-electricity that the human body runs on. 

The thought process behind “biohacking” my morning glass of water is that the very first glass of water I consume for the day is loaded with everything my body needs (beyond just H2) to produce this highly conductive gel inside my cells as effectively as possible, from the outset of the day. 

It all begins with H2O. 

I will refer to “water” as we know it, by its chemical nomenclature, as H2O is not what actually hydrates us, and is merely a conduit (albeit a major one) to proper hydration. 

We tend to think of “hydrating” as simply making sure we drink enough water, but there’s far more to it. 

In fact, it is now estimated that more Americans are suffering from chronic, low-level dehydration, characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, inability to cope with stress, anxiety, headaches, and poor sleep, as a result of drinking too much “dead”, demineralized water, than they are from not drinking enough water. 

To get the most out of the water you drink, you want to be drinking water in its natural, organic state. 

The easiest way to do this is to drink water you collect from a natural spring, or clean well water. 

If you are reading this locally, I go to Parry Spring (you can type it into your respective GPS to get there), however, wherever you are, there is a website called “Find a Spring” that will help you locate natural springs all over. 

If you don’t have spring water on hand, keeping a can of Liquid Death ready for each morning is also great as it's natural mountain spring water. 

Finally, if you are drinking tap water, I recommend filtering it. Which kind of filtration you use is entirely up to you, and how much you want to spend on it. 

Next, I recommend restructuring that tap water. 

Tap water has been processed, often many times over. It’s dead, it’s lifeless. 

Think of it just like food, except wait, water is even more critical for survival than food. 

We know when we eat ultra-processed food, the body doesn’t know what to do with it, the nutrients are dead, the food does not provide life and quality energy. 

The same goes for ultra-processed tap water. 

The beauty of water though, is that you can actually restructure dead, lifeless, and definitely not "life giving", tap water, back into its natural state. 

It’s almost like the equivalent of taking an ultra-processed boxed, pre-packaged meal, and turning it back into an organic, whole-food meal. 

There are a couple ways to restructure your water. 

You can let it sit in the sun in glass with some trace minerals in it, for 24 hours or more, and that will actually restructure it. 

If that sounds like a bit much, I use a very handy glass water bottle called a Flaska, which functions like a portable spring, and restructures your water in as little as 5 minutes. 

I bring my Flaska with me to the gym, or wherever I might be out and drink some tap water.

Okay, so now we’ve got the H2O part down. 

Much like the food we eat, we want our water to be in, or as close to its natural, organic state to be most effective at providing life and energy for the body. 

Same standards should apply for the food we eat, and the water we drink. 

Let’s move on to the next key component.

Your cells cannot conduct bio-electricity without trace minerals. 

Minerals are highly conductive and essential for thousands of enzymatic processes in the body. 

This is why they’re referred to as “electrolytes” with respect to their role in hydration, as proper hydration means your body is effectively producing the natural cellular energy (bio-electricity) to function properly. 

Think about when an athlete begins cramping up due to poor hydration, and thus, an electrolyte deficiency. 

Their muscles quite literally begin to short circuit, and thus function begins to seize up entirely. 

If someone is hospitalized with a dangerous level of systemic dehydration, or dies of dehydration, it is because all of their organs also quite literally begin to short circuit, potentially to the point where function seizes up entirely. 

If you are not producing electricity at the cellular level, you are not functioning, plain and simple. 

You NEED minerals as part of this equation. 

This critical component is what our ultra-processed tap water is missing. 

Remember, it is estimated that more Americans now suffer from chronic, low-level systemic dehydration from drinking TOO MUCH demineralized water. 

I add a couple teaspoons of trace ocean minerals to my glass of spring water every morning. 

Trace ocean minerals are a natural mineral supplement extracted from deep sea plants found in pristine parts of the ocean. 

There are 14 minerals considered “essential” to the human body, meaning you can develop nutrient deficient conditions if you don’t get enough of them over time. 

These essential minerals are minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, et cetera. You know of these. 

However, there are many, many more minerals that are very useful as conductors at the cellular level, and thus, in my mind, seem pretty darn essential if you understand that all of human life is given from producing electricity at the cellular level, and to fully thrive as a human, you need to be as conductive as possible at the cellular level. 

I don’t know about you, but I”m trying to get more out of my nutrition than just not developing a nutrient deficient disease, I’m trying to thrive. 

A good trace ocean minerals supplement will contain over 70 different minerals, and even more importantly, will contain them in the ideal ratios as found in the human cell. 

Isn’t the intelligence of nature amazing!?

High quality sea salts also naturally contain trace minerals, and I salt my food pretty liberally with good sea salt; as a natural sea salt is actually very low in sodium, and gets its salty taste from the plethora of naturally occurring minerals it contains. 

I recommend Redmond Real Salt as my top pick for a high quality sea salt, however, Celtic Sea Salt, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt are also good options. 

NOTE ON DOSING TRACE OCEAN MINERALS: I add two teaspoons of trace ocean minerals to my morning water, however, if you are just starting out, you want to start smaller. Start with a half teaspoon for 3-4 days, and if that goes well, you can slowly increase the amount of minerals you consume in a sitting. The irony is that the more mineralized your body is, the more minerals you can consume in a sitting. Because minerals are so hydrating, if you are deficient in minerals, especially many of these minerals you really only get from ocean minerals, it can have such a hydrating effect that your cells don’t know what to do with all this hydration, and it will cause what they call a “spillover” effect. The “spillover” effect means your cells cannot handle such a fast and sudden onslaught of hydration, and the water literally spills back out of the cells and into your digestive tract, which can send you to the bathroom for a couple hours. So when I say “try a half teaspoon for 3-4 days, and if that goes well”, your body will let you know how that’s going. If there is no spillover effect, then you can work on increasing your serving size. 

The final piece is molecular hydrogen

Once I’ve added my trace ocean minerals, the final piece I add to my “biohacked” morning water is two tablets of dissolvable molecular hydrogen. 

These are just tablets that release free-form hydrogen gas into your water. 

If you go to PubMed and do a quick search on “benefits of molecular hydrogen”, you’ll find a good amount of research that’s been done on its effectiveness inside the human body. 

Here’s an excerpt from a paper titled, “Therapeutic efficacy of Molecular Hydrogen: A New Mechanistic Insight”:

“Molecular hydrogen (H2) is now recognized as a therapeutic gas for the treatment of numerous diseases including neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic disorders, and inflammatory diseases.”

That’s a pretty strong statement, as that’s basically the trifecta of all common, and killer diseases. 

  • Neurodegenerative = Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s
  • Metabolic disorders = Cancer, Diabetes, to which a whole host of health complications and other diseases can manifest. 
  • Inflammatory Diseases = Autoimmune diseases, cancer, mental health issues

The paper also goes on to state, H2 is proposed to act as the rectifier of the mitochondrial electron flow in the disordered or pathological state when the accumulation of electrons leads to ROS production, specifically during the re-supply of O2 after hypoxia in the mitochondria.”

Essentially, molecular hydrogen negates the effects of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in the mitochondria (where all this cellular energy is produced). ROS cause oxidation, and thus degradation of the cell. 

Molecular hydrogen is also considered a “super conductor”, and we now know how critical it is for our overall health to have as many conductive organic materials inside our cells. 

Knowing this, you can see why this paper makes such a strong statement about the efficacy of molecular hydrogen in treating diseases, because if something helps all 30-40 trillion cells in your body run more effectively, you now have 30-40 trillion cells that are more vital, more metabolically efficient, and literally every single process in your body runs more effectively. 

If your cells are metabolically efficient, disease cannot develop. 

In Conclusion

This “biohacked” glass of water is a great addition to your day anytime of the day, as there is no bad time to consume it, however, I choose to start my day with it, because I want to get the body moving effectively and efficiently from the outset.

✔️ Start with natural spring water, or restructured, filtered tap water.

✔️ Add some trace ocean minerals

✔️ Allow 1-2 tabs of molecular hydrogen to fully dissolve in water.

✔️ Drink immediately, as the molecular hydrogen, once dissolved, will begin escaping the water in the glass in about 5 minutes.