Best of The Weekly Thread: your portable water spring, timing your caffeine intake like a pro, and cold water therapy for younger looking skin

Flaska: Your portable natural spring

I am highly critical of the water I consume. It’s also a subject matter I geek out on, as we’re really just now starting to understand the true role it plays in the survival, and ideally, thrival, of the human body. 

60% of our body is water. 

It’s the second most critical molecule for survival outside of oxygen. 

Certainly more critical than food.

Yet, information on water, and the importance of drinking quality water, seems to take a backseat to content and research related to the food we eat. 

Don’t get me wrong, learning more about proper nutrition, food quality, and all matters related to it, is super important, and I’m not trying to downplay its importance, rather, I’m trying to play up the importance of being critical of the water we consume. 

We know the importance of eating organic, whole foods, versus inorganic, processed foods devoid of nutritional value that the human body can recognize. 

However, most, to all of the water we typically drink has been treated, processed multiple times over, and is far…far from its natural, organic state. 

This is where I get highly critical of the water I drink. At all costs, I’m either drinking water I’ve personally collected from a local spring, or my two “go-to’s” for high quality, third-party tested for purity, natural spring water, are Liquid Death and San Pellegrino. 

Real spring water comes straight from the Earth, from a natural spring, untouched, unprocessed, in its natural, organic state, the way it was meant to be consumed. 

The fact is, our tap water, and even pretty much all of the expensive bottled water we drink, has been treated and processed in some way, meaning it’s no longer in its natural, organic state. 

This is actually something they can photograph, as they can take images of the individual water crystals of both natural, organic spring water, and those of treated, processed water. 

I also carry a Flaska with me everywhere I go for those times when I don’t have my own natural spring water with me. Basically, if I’m in a position where I’m drinking water from the tap, a water cooler, or can’t find real spring water. 

A Flaska is a glass water bottle that is programmed using TPS Technology, which is a method of imprinting the glass in a way that changes its vibrational frequency. 

I know, this may sound a bit “woo woo”, however, bear with me, as there’s real science here. (Remember, this can all be photographed.)

When you fill a Flaska water bottle that has been programmed with this TPS Technology, with treated, processed, inorganic (essentially dead) water, the vibrational frequency of the bottle will literally restructure each individual crystal of water back into its natural, organic state, as if this water was collected by hand, directly from a natural spring. 

Think about how AMAZING this is!

Imagine if we could take processed, inorganic foods, and turn them back into natural, whole foods. 

Now, this may all sound like magic, and a bit unbelievable, however, they’ve known for some time now, that water has the ability to be “restructured” back into its natural state. 

Here are a couple ways to accomplish this:

  • Place your drinking water in a glass container, add trace minerals or natural sea salt, and let it sit in the sun for 24 hours. 
  • You can also buy expensive infrared lights and shine them on your drinking water for at least 24 hours. Also in glass. 

The magic of the Flaska is its ability to restructure your water back into its natural state in as little as 5 minutes; truly making it a “portable natural spring”. 

And as I’ve mentioned, this has been photographed, and by a third party. See below the image on the top is of a water “crystal” from Tokyo tap water. On the bottom, is an image taken of a water crystal from the same Tokyo tap water, after sitting in a Flaska. 


Just like when eating real, organic, whole foods, versus inorganic, processed foods, when your water is back to its natural, crystalline state, your body knows how to use it more efficiently to more effectively hydrate your body, just like how organic, whole foods will more effectively nourish your body. 

And the glass bottles are sturdy, come with a protective sleep, so they last, and are very inexpensive with respect to the overall benefit they provide. To check Flaska out, CLICK HERE

If you’d like to read more on the true role water plays in the body, and why it’s even more important than we originally thought, check out my FREE online PDF “The Human Body is a Battery”.


Effectively timing your morning caffeine can make you feel superhuman, and even help you sleep better. 

Caffeine can be a very useful tool that helps you get more stuff done, and help you stay focused and alert for longer periods of time. 

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of, “You don’t want to know me until I’ve had my coffee”, or “I’m not me until I’ve had my coffee”?

Maybe this person is even you. 

This is not ideal. 

We’ve all evolved to be amazing, vibrant, high-energy human beings without caffeine, we’ve just gotten away from that lifestyle. 

The truth is, we’re all “morning people”, regardless of how much you may have convinced yourself that you’re not. 

Some of us just need to unlock the true “morning person” within, which means more properly setting your Circadian Rhythm. 

By better understanding how the human body truly “wakes up” in the morning, can you then harness that to jumpstart your body more naturally, and then you can make caffeine your ally that works with your body’s natural energy to take you to superhuman levels. 

I’ll explain how. 

It begins by better understanding your Circadian Rhythm. 

Your Circadian Rhythm is a 24 hour cycle that is part of your body’s internal clock. It kind of runs on its own, “in the background”, and carries out essential processes and functions, most notable of which, cause your body to naturally wake in the AM, and naturally fall asleep in the PM. 

So, if you have troubles waking in the AM, or troubles falling asleep at night, (oftentimes they go hand in hand), your Circadian Rhythm is off. 

In short, you want to consume your coffee, or any kind of stimulant only AFTER your Circadian Rhythm has been properly set to start the day. 

I understand we don’t live in a perfect world, and you may not always be able to do this, however, I’m here to help you focus on what you CAN control, when you can control it, and offer up the tools and knowledge to empower you to do so. 

So let’s learn more about properly setting your Circadian Rhythm in the AM.

Your body wants to pulse a plethora of endogenous hormones and chemicals (“endogenous” meaning “produced within”) in the morning, ideally around 6-7am.

If you don’t pulse these endogenous hormones and chemicals early enough, it has the potential to throw your energy off for the entire day, and can even be the reason you don’t fall asleep as well that night.

Your Circadian Rhythm is an internal clock that works in cycles, so the longer it takes to go through its AM cycle, the later it then goes through its PM cycle, where it then pulses all the endogenous hormones and chemicals that cause your body to fall asleep, and recover through the night, such as melatonin, testosterone, and growth hormone.

In the AM, you pulse hormones and chemicals that help energize you and allow you to get stuff done while constantly burning energy all day, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and cortisol. 

We’re going to focus on cortisol, and its relationship with exogenous caffeine (“exogenous” meaning “it enters the body from outside”, or the opposite of produced within).

Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone”, and because of that, it gets a bad reputation, as high cortisol is associated with negative effects on our health. 

But it’s not cortisol’s fault we produce so much of it, which then has a deleterious effect on our health. Quite frankly, it’s a combination of our modern environment, lifestyle, and our own doing, that we have a poor relationship with cortisol. 

Cortisol is a very essential hormone, otherwise, the human body wouldn’t produce it, and want to pulse it every morning between 6-7am. 

In an ideal scenario, which is what we’re trying to create here, your body will naturally pulse its daily dose of cortisol in the morning, between 6-7am, providing you with the necessary hormonal support your body needs to tackle all the stressors that will come your way that day.

Cortisol provides you with energy, reduces fatigue, and is basically your body’s way of saying, “okay, I know we’ve got stuff to do, so let’s go get it done!”. Cortisol helps with all of that. 

The rub is that your morning cortisol pulse is part of your body’s Circadian Rhythm, and needs around 12 hours to run its course regardless of when it pulses. If you don’t set your Circadian Rhythm more properly, it can take much longer to pulse your cortisol, but still takes 12 hours to run its course for the day. 

Meaning, you have much more cortisol in your bloodstream later at night, which then negatively affects your evening Circadian Rhythm pulse of hormones like melatonin, testosterone, and growth hormone, causing your body to enter its sleep cycle much later, which of course can cause sleeplessness and restlessness throughout the night. 

You also don’t want to cause an artificial pulse from consuming things that can artificially trigger a cortisol response from the body before your body has gone through its natural cortisol pulse for the day.

Namely caffeine and artificial light. 

This is the key to timing your caffeine intake like a pro. 

If you consistently consume caffeine before your body naturally pulses its cortisol for the day, which many of us do, you begin to train the body to think that it needs to rely on the caffeine consumption for cortisol, rather than doing it on its own, causing a dependency. 

Thus, “You don’t want to know me until I’ve had my coffee”. 

On a consistent basis, this throws your entire Circadian Rhythm out of whack, which then negatively impacts energy throughout the day, creating a greater dependence on stimulants, and negatively impacting your sleep. 

If you time your caffeine consumption in a way that it’s consumed only after your body has naturally pulsed its cortisol for the day, the caffeine will be more effective, as it will work with your body’s already existent cortisol pulse, and not be the reason your cortisol has pulsed. 

The caffeine you consume then will be even more complimentary to your personality, provide cleaner energy, and its effects will last longer. 

Through practice and personal accountability, I now have a Circadian Rhythm that is well-trained, so much so, that I no longer use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, unless I need to wake up extra early, before my normal Circadian Rhythm.

In the morning, I immediately drink a glass of hydrogen-enriched spring water, I go through a quick morning routine, and then consume my caffeine only when I can tell my Circadian Rhythm is set for the day. This is something you’ll be able to get a feel for over time with practice, and becoming more in tune with your body. 

An easy tell is that if you feel your body is still dragging, you haven’t pulsed your cortisol yet, and are still probably metabolizing the rest of your nighttime hormones and chemicals out of your bloodstream. It may take some getting used to at first, and you may have some slower mornings where you don’t consume caffeine for an hour or even more after waking, but with time and some consistency, your body will right the Circadian Rhythm ship, and you will begin to wake more naturally, more quickly, allowing you to time your caffeine more early and still yield optimal benefits. 

For me, this is typically 15-20 minutes after waking.

Cold Therapy for Younger Looking Skin

Here’s a simple, effective natural beauty tip that both men and women can get behind. 

A little bit of cold exposure directly to the face can go a long way in triggering an anti-aging process that can give your skin more youthful vibrancy over time. 

And it’s super simple. 

All you need to do is get your shower as cold as possible (ideally 50 degrees and under) and stick your face directly into the stream for as long as you can tolerate. 

Depending on the temperature of the shower, and your tolerance, this may start with as little as 20-30 seconds, but over time, as with any kind of training, will improve. 

You want it to get to the point where it hurts. No pain, no gain baby!

This kind of direct cold exposure to your face will improve circulation, create an anti-inflammatory effect, help stimulate collagen production, and yield an anti-aging response as a defense mechanism from your mitochondria that you will feel and notice pretty quickly with some consistency.