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True Grace One Daily Women's Probiotic


Daily Probiotic for Women's Vaginal, Digestive, and Immune Support*

  • 90 billion total CFU at the time of manufacture
  • 12 quantified and DNA-verified probiotic cultures to support vaginal, digestive and immune health*
  • Prebiotic fiber to support beneficial bacteria*
  • Patented DRCaps® allow the probiotics to survive
  • Patented shelf-stable CSP™ bottle protects the probiotics from moisture, light, and oxygen

    True Grace probiotics are crafted with intention. Each probiotic strain has been carefully selected and combined in specific, consistent ratios that we’re completely transparent about—right on the label. The final touch is our prebiotic fiber.

    With our probiotics, you get:

    • the first truly transparent probiotic label showing the precise percentage of each DNA-verified strain in 90 billion total CFU^
    • patented vegetarian DRcaps® that provide protection from stomach acid, allowing the probiotics to survive digestion and reach the intestinal tract*
    • a patented CSP™ bottle that protects the probiotic cultures from moisture, light, and oxygen, extending shelf life and ensuring the stability of the product

    ^ At time of manufacture

    You’ve probably seen all kinds of probiotic products out there. Many boast a sky-high total number and variety of probiotics. What they don’t offer is transparency.

    But we do.

    To understand why we’re all about transparency, you need to understand what probiotics are and how they’re classified and counted.

    • Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have health benefits when consumed.
    • Probiotics are measured in “colony-forming units” (CFU).
    • Probiotics’ names have three parts, always in the same order: genus, then species, then strain. (For example, Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell® - 71 often abbreviated as B. bifidum Rosell® - 71.)
    • Different probiotic strains offer different benefits. Those benefits are dose dependent.*

    It's important to know the specific probiotic strains and doses you're getting.

    At True Grace, we’ve selected the most rigorously researched probiotic strains and put them in our probiotic products at the doses shown to be effective in clinical studies.* How can you tell? Just look at the label. Every probiotic strain is listed, along with a percentage. That percentage shows exactly how much of the total CFU count is made up of that specific strain. (The total CFU at time of manufacture is 90 billion; the total CFU guaranteed at end of shelf life is 30 billion.)

    To offer you another layer of certainty, we use DNA testing to verify the presence of our 12 probiotic strains in every batch produced.

    You might see other products with a higher total CFU. You might see products with a longer list of probiotic strains. But if the company isn’t transparent about the specifics (and doesn’t run tests to back it all up), you don’t really know what you’re getting or how effective the product will be.

    With True Grace, you can be confident in the product you’re taking. This is true transparency.

    Vaginal, Digestive and Immune Blend*

    True Grace probiotics are made with clinically studied probiotic strains at their clinically proven doses.

    • L. rhamnosus GG is the most studied probiotic species in the world and supports respiratory, intestinal, and overall digestive health.*
    • B. bifidum Rosell®-71 supports gut barrier integrity and a healthy immune system.*
    • L. paracasei Rosell®-215 promotes regular bowel habits including during a course of antibiotics.*
    • L. reuteri Rosell®-444 restores and maintains a normal vaginal microbiota, particularly when combined with L.rhamnosus.*

    Prebiotic Fiber

    Prebiotics are “food” for probiotics and help the probiotics thrive. When probiotics “eat” prebiotics, they produce byproducts that provide additional digestive benefits.*

    True Grace uses Acacia Fiber as our prebiotic fiber—a plant fiber known to be gentle on the digestive system.*

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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