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True Grace Mushroom Myco-Renew Blend



Myco-Renew Blend Mushroom Supplements for Daily Immune Support* 

  • 1 g daily to support a healthy immune system*   
  • Contains 6 different mushroom species: Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Maitake, and Shiitake 
  • Broad range of myco-nutrients supports vitality, mental clarity, longevity, and more* 
  • 250 mg beta-glucans in every serving for immune support* 
  • No grains, starch, or fillers 
  • Certified USDA Organic fruiting body mushroom extract blend
  • Mushrooms are grown on their natural food source and hand-harvested at their peak 
  • True Grace full-spectrum mushroom extracts are crafted with intention. We start with the fruiting bodies of certified USDA organic mushrooms that are grown on their preferred natural food source and hand-harvested at their peak. These mushrooms undergo a multi-step hot water extraction process to create extracts with guaranteed levels of active compounds.*

    All our mushroom products:

    • contain a guaranteed 250 mg of beta-glucans per serving*
    • boast additional active compounds specific to each mushroom species*
    • are tested for identity, purity, and potency by a third  party, Alkemist Labs

    Why fruiting bodies?

  • True Grace mushroom extracts come from the parts of a mushroom you can see when it’s growing. This is called the “fruiting body” (typically the stem, gills, and cap of the mushroom). The fruiting body has higher levels of active compounds, including beta-glucans, than the mushroom’s “mycelium” (root-like strands).*

    Beta-glucans are polysaccharides that make up about 50% of mushroom cell walls. When you consume beta-glucans, they can bind to receptor sites in the small intestine. This activates pathways leading to overall immune support.* 

You’ve probably seen all kinds of mushroom products out there. Many boast a vast array of mushroom species—probably some you haven’t even heard of. But do they offer transparency? 

We do.

Let’s start with how our mushrooms are sourced. 

At True Grace, we use the fruiting bodies of certified USDA organic mushrooms that are sustainably grown on a farm, where they’re nurtured by natural light and fresh air until they’ve reached peak nutritional value. Our mushrooms are even cultivated on their favorite natural food sources, such as sawdust and logs.

This mirrors how mushrooms grow in nature: on surfaces that range from decaying wood to living trees. Wood provides raw ingredients that mushrooms transform into compounds that support your health.* Without this natural base, the mushrooms in our Myco-Renew™ blend couldn’t produce these compounds in meaningful amounts.

Many other supplements on the market use mushrooms grown in a lab, and the mushrooms don’t reach full maturity—or nutrient density—before their mycelium is harvested and turned into supplements. (Remember: We use only the nutrient-dense fruiting body—never the mycelium.)

Once our mushrooms are harvested, they’re tested for possible chemical drift or other contamination before they’re whisked away for the hot water extraction process that produces our extracts.

Our transparency goes way beyond our initial careful sourcing and testing. We want you to be sure that the final product is just as pristine as the raw mushrooms we start with.

We work with Alkemist Labs, an independent, accredited botanical testing lab, to test the purity, potency, and identity of our mushroom extracts. That’s why you see the “Alkemist Assured” symbol on our bottles. It tells you the mushroom extracts inside have been checked by scientists, so you can be confident you’re getting exactly what’s on the label.

  • Reishi supports immune health, daily balance, and longevity*
  • Lion’s Mane supports brain, nerve, and cognitive health.*
  • Turkey Tail supports immune health and longevity.*
  • Chaga supports healthy digestion and overall immunity.*
  • Maitake supports immune health and vitality.*
  • Shiitake supports healthy energy levels and cardiovascular health.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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