NONA Nutrition

OraWellness Awesome Floss


Revolutionize your flossing routine—remove more plaque, support remineralization, and encourage a balanced oral microbiome, all at the same time!

  • Helps remineralize between teeth with hydroxyapatite & xylitol.
  • Supports a balanced oral microbiome with organic essential oils.
  • Clinically proven to remove 44% more plaque than regular floss.
  • Contains non-GMO xylitol -
    Xylitol works synergistically with hydroxyapatite to further boost remineralization between our teeth. We source our xylitol from hardwoods to ensure that it's non-GMO.
  • Free of PTFE & PFAS -
    Three cheers for keeping 'forever chemicals' and other toxins out of our mouths and homes!

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