Quinton Hypertonic Seawater Electrolytes - Single Ampoule

Quinton Hypertonic Seawater Electrolytes - Single Ampoule

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Extracted from a living plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean, Quinton™ offers nature's complete spectrum of nutritional elements: minerals, electrolytes, vitamins & micronutrients. Quinton is the only natural, organically purified, raw, unheated seawater solution available as a nutritional supplement.

The key advantage of pure seawater is the quick absorption and delivery of minerals in the body. 

The Benefits of Quinton:

Supports the Immune System

  • Essential for when your body is under life stressors
  • Can help to balance cellular nutrition

Supports Resilience

  • Quinton contains a high content of magnesium and hydrating electrolytes
  • Excellent for jet lag, brain fog, demanding physical and mental efforts

May Enhance Mental Function & Stamina

  • Contains up to 78 of nature's essential minerals and trace elements the body relies on for cellular health
  • Can help to stabilize mood, and may promote restful sleep