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Organifi Green Juice


The flavor of this smooth, refreshing drink is the result of a unique blend of ashwagandha, spirulina, moringa, and other superfoods containing vitamins and minerals for daily wellness made easy - & enjoyable!

  • Ashwagandha (Balance Cortisol)
    • An Ayurvedic adaptogen that supports lower stress by supporting balanced cortisol (the stress hormone).
  • Moringa (Nature’s Perfect Multivitamin)
    • A tropical plant with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & antioxidants to replenish your body.
  • Spirulina (Antioxidant Rich)
    • A nutrient-dense blue-green algae that is energizing, alkalizing and packed with antioxidants.
  • Chlorella (Essential Micronutrients)
    • A true superfood and alkalizing algae that is rich in chlorophyll, a potent antioxidant, and contains essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Coconut Water (Electrolytes & Hydration)
    • Derived from young coconuts that are high in electrolytes, especially potassium, and excellent for hydration.

You can enjoy all of organifi’s superior superfoods and incredible adaptogens at any time of day; but green juice is best when you first wake up.  That’s because the ingredients work to alkalize, energize, and balance.

Stress, cravings, and hormones can all be connected to cortisol levels. Since having a healthy cortisol pattern throughout the day is essential, a daily glass of green juice first thing can support:

  • Responses to stress - with 600mg of clinically-proven ashwagandha.
  • Food cravings - by reducing cortisol levels that elevate urges.
  • Hydration & balance - bringing the body back to its naturally-balanced state.

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