Optimum Nutrition Deplete Diuretic
Optimum Nutrition Deplete Diuretic

Optimum Nutrition Deplete Diuretic

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Did you know that the average person holds almost 10lbs of WATER under their skin?

Water retention is a frustrating problem for men and women, especially if you’re in your early-to-mid twenties and beyond.

While you need plenty of water to be healthy and to look your best, you can easily become bloated and get the dreaded “water bloat” simply because your body is over 70% water. While you need plenty of water, your body can take in too much, and only a fraction of it is absorbed and used, leaving the majority sitting outside of your cells and directly underneath your skin – producing that washed out, smooth, bloated look. But water retention doesn’t just make you look bloated and fat – it also limits you physically by reducing your muscular range-of-motion (R.O.M).

Because your body is programmed to take in stubbornly horde excess amounts of water, it’s hard to deplete your body of the excess – your body fights you every step of the way.

You can exercise and eat right – but water retention will make you look bloated, fat and washed-out - even if you’re not.

DEPLETE not only eliminates water retention, but it prevents water retention and reveals your true body shape while leaving your potassium levels intact!

Potassium is an electrolyte that’s vitally important for good health and for achieving a proper water balance. In the past, many products that aimed to eliminate excess water also caused potassium loss, and this adversely impacted your ability to eliminate excess water. This is why old water-loss products were disappointing: they quit working a week after your first dose.

DEPLETE works because it eliminates excess water levels while leaving potassium levels intact so you can achieve a proper water balance.